Dr. Tresnjo's office provides dental implantology services by implanting implants into the bone of the lower and upper jaws to replace the root of the lost tooth.

This dental discipline brings together many other disciplines: dental surgery, prosthetics, periodontology, cosmetic dentistry, and the dental laboratory.

With a comprehensive approach and knowledge of all segments of dental implantology, we ensure the quality and clinical application of services in dealing with patients.

Implants are used to deal with the lack of one or more teeth, the implant being used for the installation of prosthetic tooth restorations.

Implants are small screws that are embedded in the bones of the upper and lower jaws, that is, "artificial" roots made of precious metals that are biocompatible for human bone.

In addition to the implants, we also install so-called pins in the Cherry Clinic. The difference is that the pins are embedded in the existing, preserved tooth root.

With continuous strengthening of knowledge in this field and many years of experience, we solve even the most demanding cases in patients with complete edentulousness, altered inter jaw relations, lack of alveoral bone and replacement of teeth in the aesthetic zone of the upper jaw.

In our office, modern implant implants are available for the purpose of the most effective treatments that can last for a long time, that is, when several months of multidisciplinary specialist treatment is required. In some situations, it may also be a simple therapy, depending on the interventions to be taken in patients.

The success of implant therapy is extremely high and represents one of the safest and most durable therapies in dentistry.

Dental implants serve to support replacement teeth, which look, function and feel like natural teeth.