FullAlign orthodontic foils

Nowadays, external appearance is gaining in importance. One of the first things people notice about you is a smile, which is why more and more adults are demanding orthodontic therapy, that is, correcting the incorrect position of their teeth.

Some scientific studies show that people who laugh more often are more attractive. If you are not happy with your smile, chances are that this fact will make you hide your smile and therefore affect your confidence and the first impression people get when they meet you.

In addition to aesthetics, proper tooth placement and a consistent bite are considered to be a prerequisite for oral health as well as a longer life for your teeth. Statistics show that one in two people with irregularly arranged teeth have a problem with early-stage paradentosis and is not even aware of the problem. Not only do straight teeth look better, they also perform better. Incorrectly aligned teeth create the problem of irregular bites, wear out faster and are more susceptible to caries.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the path to a Hollywood smile doesn't have to be thorny now!

As teeth are mostly straightened with fixed orthodontic appliances that are more visible, there has been a need to develop techniques and appliances that are almost completely invisible, which is extremely important to adults.

FullAlign Orthodontic Foils is a modern orthodontic solution that helps you solve the problem of anxiety, diastema, rotated, crooked, inclined, folded, scattered and otherwise irregularly arranged teeth in aesthetically acceptable, comfortable and faster way than other methods.

What are FullAlign Orthodontic Foils?

FullAlign are orthodontic dental straightening foils made of thin, transparent medical plastic (polyurethane), unlike classic fixed dentures consisting of metal locks, arches and elastic bands. We also call them aligners or transparent / invisible tooth foils. Using FullAlign in a comfortable, discreet and comfortable way you can solve the problem of improper tooth placement.

FullAlign foils are smooth to the touch, comfortable to wear, and reminiscent of retainers worn after treatment with a fixed orthodontic appliance. This tooth correction system is becoming increasingly popular with patients because of the possibility of correcting anomalies without making the process imperceptible.

How does FullAlign straighten your teeth?

FullAlign foils forces the gentle force on the teeth to move them to the desired position. These are several sets of foils that are made individually for each patient based on the toothprint. They are made using state-of-the-art 3D technology based on a digitized fork model.

With the help of specialized software, a tooth movement is simulated by moving each tooth individually. The displacement simulation is then subdivided into the number of foils required for the orthodontic treatment to be complete and the desired result final.

In the first phase, the orthodontist analyzes the teeth and develops a treatment plan that includes a clear position for each tooth to take after the treatment, and the number of foils to achieve it. The foil kits are made to fit each of the new tooth positions, thus maintaining a constant gentle pressure crucial to the displacement.

This process is planned and gradual, so arranged that the tooth moves to the planned position in stages. Each foil moves from 0.25 to 0.30 millimeters.

Unlike pressure, which with fixed orthodontic appliances is focused only on the surface of the tooth, FullAlign foils force the force over the entire tooth surface, which is better because it does not damage the periodontium of the displaced tooth.