Dr. Trešnjo's dental office provides a wide range of dental prosthetics services, that is, replacement of lost teeth and soft parts of the oral cavity with full or partial dentures, crowns, bridges and scales.

It is important to note that these are mobile and fixed prosthetics.

Individual prosthetic restorations, such as dental crowns and dental bridges, serve equally for functional tooth reconstruction as well as for aesthetic function. They are especially important because tooth defects can lead to pathological changes in the bite, movement and tilting of teeth, the development of periodontal diseases and the appearance of new caries.

In accordance with the needs and requirements of patients, we offer metal-ceramic crowns, in which the base is made of metal and a visible layer of porcelain or ceramic. The highest quality materials are used.

Also, there are metal-free crowns, which are the pinnacle of modern dentistry, and are most commonly used in cosmetic treatments in the front of the upper jaw. They have the best results when the crown is placed on a naturally-eared tooth.

In some cases, when it is not possible to install fixed prosthetic restorations, resort to the solutions offered by mobile prosthetics. Such dentures may be complete or partial.

In the case of complete teeth and tissue deficiency in complete toothlessness it is replaced. The disadvantage of such a denture is that it is still possible for the tooth bone to collapse in the jaw.

Partial dentures are used when more teeth are needed, but only in situations where it is not possible to make a bridge. When making these dentures, we also use cutting-edge materials and modern technologies to achieve both functional and aesthetic effects.

A partial denture can also be attached to the teeth using a joint joint for the crown, dental attachments, or telescope crowns. Unlike a regular, partial denture, this is a much more precise denture, less burdens on natural teeth, saves retaining tissue and is more aesthetically acceptable.
We also do prosthetics on implants for fixed and mobile work where implants serve as retention for fixed or mobile work.

Tooth flaps are minimally invasive prosthetic (aesthetic) substitutes, which remove up to one millimeter of enamel of the anterior surface of the tooth. Flakes are used in situations where we want to correct the color, shape, position, size of the teeth, and they serve to close the space between the teeth or to compensate for broken edges and edges.