Pediatric dentistry

Dr. Tresnjo's office pays special attention to pediatric dentistry. The emphasis in this clinical dental discipline is on preventative and therapeutic procedures to preserve the oral health of children from birth to the end of adolescence.

A safe, tailored and adequate approach through knowledge of children's behavior is of paramount importance.

In order to avoid a child's fear of the dentist at the first examination of the baby's teeth, it is very important to get acquainted with the dentist's staff and to get acquainted with the equipment. In this way, trust is gained and better cooperation is established. A child who visits the dentist on time will not have the fear of a dentist in adulthood.

The approach to working with children requires the commitment of the dentist, but of course the parents. Collaboration with the child is paramount, as each child responds differently and accepts a particular intervention, thus adapting the working method. Patience and confidence building in the dentist / child / parent relationship are key to successful procedures.

Extreme attention is paid to methods of caries prevention and dentofacial injury. Various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are used to treat baby teeth and teeth with genetic defects.

We take care of prosthetic rehabilitation during periods of milky, mixed and permanent dentition.

This includes knowledge to implement the most common forms of dental caries prevention and direct dentofacial growth with orthodontic appliances and procedures.