Aesthetic dentistry

Dr. Trešnjo's dental office pays close attention to minimally invasive, aesthetic dentistry. Such treatments take a holistic approach that integrates minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry techniques and services.

Aesthetic dentistry is multidisciplinary and involves virtually all areas of dentistry.

Your beautiful smile and preservation of the dental structure are part of the focus of service in the office. We do a complete aesthetic reconstruction or Smile design.

Aesthetic dentistry is increasingly gaining primacy in patients. Meeting patient demands, using minimally conservative and invasive techniques, is a priority in order to achieve the desired aesthetic outcomes for patients.

The vision of the doctor and the patient in order to transform the smile and apply the best solutions are extremely important.

When treating cosmetic dentistry, the office uses modern equipment in accordance with world standards and high quality restorative materials.

Today, people pay special attention to the beauty and health of their teeth, so dental medicine has emerged solely from the health sphere and has largely been defined as an aesthetic activity.

The aesthetic dentistry services provided by the practice are :

  • Tooth whitening using whitening materials or using modern equipment
  • Incorporating ceramic flakes that improve the color, shape and position of your teeth
  • Incorporating metal-free crowns that provide the absolute naturalness of tooth color and shape, natural light refraction and superior aesthetic effect

Aesthetic dentistry is definitely not just a specialty, but it certainly enters the field of dental art. At Dr. Trešnjo's dental office, we strongly believe that.