Preventive dentistry

Preventive dentistry is most talked about by the name itself.
The Trešnjo dental office puts full attention and focus on preventing dental and soft tissue diseases in the mouth. We are fully committed to contributing as much as possible to the prevention of the onset of the disease in patients, and above all the onset of caries as the most widespread disease. This is the primary goal of preventative dentistry in our practice.

To this end, we advise and implement various measures in an individual approach to each patient. Personal hygiene of the oral cavity primarily involves proper and regular brushing of the teeth, and thus can be safely prevented from diseases of hard dental tissues or caries. The plaque on the teeth is created after each meal, and if accumulated on the tooth surfaces it leads to the formation of caries.

Proper nutrition is also a way to keep your teeth healthy. Good mineralization of teeth with proper nutrition provides a better basis for maintaining their health. In addition to the intake of proper minerals and vitamins, proper nutrition also implies a balanced intake of carbohydrates.

In addition to preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of specific diseases, orthodontic anomalies and diseases of the soft tissues, measures of remediation or treatment of already existing diseases in order to prevent the onset of others or the progression of existing diseases are certainly important.

Also, fissure watering is a very effective and easy way to prevent caries. The preservation of permanent molars from caries is of great importance, as the early loss of these teeth (as a result of complications caused by caries) leads to the occurrence of orthodontic anomalies. However, once watered fissures need to be changed from time to time. We particularly emphasize to patients that the watered teeth are not 100% caries resistant and that the teeth should be regularly monitored according to the dentist's instructions.

Fluorine is a chemical element that, when used in small amounts, prevents caries. It accomplishes this role by embedding itself in the tooth enamel. The enamel thus created is more resilient and more effective than the ordinary enamel. We especially recommend taking smaller, prescribed amounts of flora to women during pregnancy. Generally, when it comes to the introduction of flora, it is most important that it be in precisely defined and small amounts, whether it is ingested through the blood or applied directly to the teeth.

At the Trešnjo dental office, we believe that preventative dentistry is the most important dental discipline.